We Care About You

As a leading manufacturing company, we understand how much of an impact we have on society, and that it is our responsibility to protect the interests of everyone and everything whose lives are affected by us in one way or another. This includes our staff, our customers, our neighbours around the globe and the environment in which we exist. This way, we can ensure that something good comes out of our existence for everyone. We are ofcourse in the business of manufacturing a healthier world.

Charitable Donations

Basic healthcare is not affordable for everyone, and there will always exist those for whom basic medicine is harder to attain than most others. We only exist because people exist to use our medicines, and with the job of saving lives as our ultimate goal, profit takes a backseat when lives are at stake. For this reason we work personally and partner with numerous charities, governments, relegious and academic institutions to provide free necessary drugs to the less-priviledged accross the country. If you are interested with working with us to realise a charitable initiative, please contact us.

Juhel School of Pharmacy

Ensuring quality education is accessible to everyone is a necessary step towards creating of a valuable, socially liberated and more empowered society. Our urge to help create a better society through privision of affordable world class education drove us to build the JUHEL School of Pharmacy at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State. Students are not only educated with state of the art equipment, they are also guaranteed internships at our world-class parenteral factory, ensuring they recieve the best theoretical and practical experience available within the field.

Some Of Our Works

Fighting Maternal Mortality:

Collaborated with USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) to pioneer the local formation of live saving maternal commodities like the Oxytocin (first manufacturer in Africa) and magnesium sulphate. Currently working on future projects as well.

Essential Medicine Donations:

Donations of essential medicines to drive health care accessibility in impoverished areas. 

Accessibility of Quality Education:

Built and donated the Juhel School of Pharmacy in Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Other Events

We work personally and partner with numerous charities, governments, religious and academic institutions to provide free necessary drugs to the less-privileged across the country. If you would like to realise a charitable initiative that we can help with, please contact us.