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To provide quality and affordable life saving remedies
to the teeming population. " CEO/MD

" We aim to increase access to essential medicines
for populations with limited access. "

Our Mission
Our Vision

Why We Exist

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Our presence in Nigeria and other countries throughout
West-Africa has been maintained as a result of our
product quality and reliability

We continue to invest in our facilities and our people, to ensure
that we're always up to date with latest practices and technologies
needed to maintain Global Quality Standards for our products

At Juhel Nigeria Limited
Your Satisfaction, Our Business

...for life saving remedies

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Basic healthcare is not affordable for everyone, and there will
always be those for whom basic medicine is harder to attain than

Access to essential healthcare isn't available for everyone.
With our position in the Pharma industry in West Africa, we have a
responsibility to help bridge this gap beyond our for profit channels.

We Care
About Your Health

We Care
About Your Health

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Welcome To Juhel

For over 30 years, we have continued to improve the lives of millions of people by ensuring access to quality medicines through our consistency, expertise, and leadership within the pharmaceutical industry in West Africa.
With over 150 products in our portfolio, we manufacture one of the largest ranges of pharmaceutical products in the region, covering multiple therapeutic areas and formulations including tablets, syrups and infusions.

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Energy (Oil and Gas) downstream petroleum division. Lear more…



We manufacture a range of over 150 registered products across multiple therapeutic areas and formulations. Learn more…



Our water and beverage manufacturing plant was also built on further expansion of our Head Quarters…


As a leading manufacturing company, we understand how much of an impact we have on the community…

Our Offer

JUHEL offers access to essential medicines. Our strategy has always involved anticipating and reacting to the pharmaceutical needs of the populations we serve.

With over 1000 staff and 2 factories, we continue to achieve this through the adoption of world‐class standards which we try to incorporate within our teams, and the people and organisations we interact with. 

Grow With Us

We ensure that all our staff are encouraged and provide them with facilities to make the best of their abilities. We are constantly searching for individuals who are hardworking, motivated, and are willing to share our vision.

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